25 April 2015 Show

SUPER Heroes!

Revel in the awesomeness of superheroes! You will definitely feel like you are flying after this great evening of entertainment. If you come dressed as a superhero, we will sell you discount tickets at the door!


Comedian: Dilruk Jayasinha
Storyteller: Ian McNally
Singer: Yasemin Arifoglu
Singer/Musician: Chris Southall
Poet: Lana Woolf
Cosplayer: Stephanie Reid
Sketch Performers:
Gabe Hogan
Kaska Harvey Zielinski


Morgan Phillips and Katherine Phelps

Morgan and Katherine take to the stage in their superhero costumes. Morgan bravely wore tights and underwear on the outside of his clothes. Katherine wore white in front of a white screen with a white light on her…clearly a snow ninja.

Kaska Harvey-Zielinski

Kaska Harvey-Zielinski kicked off the night's performances with her sketches about superhero Rad Raptor.

Yasemin Arifoglu

Yasemin Arifoglu gave us her lovely renditions of the "Spiderman Theme Song" and "Titanium".

Lana Woolf

Lana Woolf touched us with her beautiful poetry. Her prose poem about She Hulk warmed people's hearts that cold evening.

Stephanie Reid

Stephanie Reid cosplays Black Widow from the Marvel universe, courtesy of the Melbourne Costume Group, a charity cosplay organisation.

Chris Southall

Chris Southall impressed and amused us with his catchy original songs.

Ian McNally

Ian McNally kept us all chuckling with his cartoon drawings and his story about the attributes of superheroes.

Morgan Phillips singing and playing guitar

Morgan playing guitar and singing "Holding Out for a Hero".

Kaska as Rad Raptor and Gabe as Yarnbomber

Kaska facing down Gabe Hogan as supervillain The Yarnbomber!

Dilruk Jayasinha

Dilruk Jayasinha working the crowd like a pro! He had the audience in stitches.

Katherine Phelps as photographed by Jackie Kerin

Katherine introducing her soft toy "Arlo Prell", a gift from Muppeteer Karen Prell. (photo courtesy Jackie Kerin)

Sandbox Land performers as photographed by Jackie Kerin

Our concluding sing-along! (photo courtesy Jackie Kerin)

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