28 February 2015 Show

Lest We Forget

Fundraiser for the ANZAC Peace Coalition

Have fun while learning a little something about what life was like one hundred years ago in Australia.


Storyteller: Roslyn Quinn
Comedian: Anthony Jeannot
Singer/songwriters: Wendy Ealey & Moira Tyers
Poet: Randall Stephens
Singer/songwriters: Bad Hobbits
Poet: Helena Spyrou
Sketch performers:
Sean Collins
Emma Cox
Huw Jennings
Ella Salome
Fabiana Weiner
Stephen Yolland


Morgan Phillips and Katherine Phelps

Don't we just ooze class?

Anthony Jeannot

Charming and hilarious!

Wendy Ealey and Moira Tyers

Stunningly beautiful music.

Everyone on stage!

We did it! We made it through our first show!

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